Lyman 1963 25'
Soft Top Sleeper

1930 Dodge 21'6" Split
Cockpit Runabout

1950's Jersey
Speed Skiff

MACK Products


St. Lawrence
River Skiff

1952 Century
Sea Maid 18

1958 California
Cracker Box

1935 GarWood Speedster

MISS SEVERN   1922 Hacker Gold Cup Boat

St. Lawrence River Skiff


Used on the St. Lawrence River since the mid-1800's, the St. Lawrence River Skiff was the mode of travel for fishing and sightseeing along the river.  The modern day version is an open craft which is pointed at both ends, easy to row, and fast under oars or sail.  Until the advent of the outboard motors the skiff was the boat of choice for fishing on the St. Lawrence River.

The boat could be constructed with open ribs or with ceiling boards to cover the ribs completely.   The kit provides instructions on both looks.  As for color, that is left up to the builder, as the real boats almost became works of art with different woods, stains, and inlaid woodwork in the seats.   The model is made of bass wood and the kit includes a movable fish box, faux leather bindings on the oars, and an easily assembled stand.

           Length:  19-1/8"                          Beam:  3-3/16"                        Scale:  1/12

  Click on picture for a full-size view.                                                    Click here to see an actual build of the model.