Lyman 1963 25'
Soft Top Sleeper

1930 Dodge 21'6" Split
Cockpit Runabout

1950's Jersey
Speed Skiff

MACK Products


St. Lawrence
River Skiff

1952 Century
Sea Maid 18'

1958 California
Cracker Box

1935 GarWood Speedster

MISS SEVERN 1922 Hacker Gold Cup Boat

1952 Century Sea Maid 18'

The 1952 Century Sea Maid is a boat that embodies the true meaning of "Legendary" and "Classic" when used to describe the beauty and performance of this boat of a bygone era. One the of last of the Sea Maids models which ended in 1954, the two-tone deck versions of the Sea Maids of the 1950's were arguably the most beautiful of the entire 24 year run of the Sea Maids.

This award winning 1/6 scale model of the classic is a completely laser cut kit, which uses the finest of mahogany, basswood, balsa, and light plywood in it's construction. The kit features custom castings and machined deck hardware, chrome plated and polished to faithfully reproduce this miniature classic.

Taking the art of kit modeling to new heights, the model features items never included in kits before, such as real rubber matting for the floorboards and real chrome trim for the deck trim. As with all Legend Model Boat Kits, the M.A.C.K. Products complete precision running hardware is included in the kit, allowing the modeler to build a complete static model, or with the addition of the optional M.A.C.K. Power Package, build a fully operational radio controlled model. M.A.C.K. also offers an optional Light and Sound Package to bring this miniature classic to life.

               Length:   35"                                    Beam:  12.5"                            Scale:  1/6

               Click on picture for a full-size view.                                                  Click here to see an actual build of the model.