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1950's Jersey Speed Skiff


Legend Model Boats is proud to announce the latest addition to it’s growing line of true scale model boat kits with it’s release of the 1950’s “PAPPY” Seaman, Jersey Speed Skiff.  The award winning model which is a 1/6th scale model of the 16’ racing skiff, was designed and manufactured using the original Seaman plans which were updated in the 1950’s for use in the newly formed APBA “JS” racing class.

The all wood kit features all laser cut parts of the finest woods available, to mimic it’s full size prototype.  All bulkhead formers are of lite plywood, with the true scale lap strake planking laser cut from hard balsa. The decks, transom, and trim are of mahogany with the ribs and interior deck framing  of bass wood.

The kit includes a complete set of  chrome plated custom deck hardware as well as M.A.C.K, Products Precision Running Hardware custom made for the kit. Also included in the kit is a full set of vinyl cut ‘Gold Leaf’ graphics, and a fully assembled and operational, stainless steel, adjustable cavitation plate, as found on the original boat.

     The model, while designed and manufactured as a radio controlled model, can be completed as a static model with the running hardware which is included in the kit, or with the optional power package (Kit#705CE), ready to skip into competition in true ‘JS’ fashion. The model not only does a faithful reproduction in the look of the JS, but in the running of the model replicates the ride of the JS, which has made the racing class a spectator favorite.

     The optional light package (Kit#705L), adds real working running lights to the model for that added realism whether static or running.

           Length:  32"               Beam:  12.5"             Scale:  1/6

                          Click on picture for a full-size view.                                   Click here for an actual build of the model.