Lyman 1963 25'
Soft Top Sleeper

1930 Dodge 21'6" Split
Cockpit Runabout

1950's Jersey
Speed Skiff

MACK Products


St. Lawrence
River Skiff

1952 Century
Sea Maid 18

1958 California
Cracker Box

1935 GarWood Speedster

MISS SEVERN 1922 Hacker Gold Cup Boat

Legend Model Boats welcomes you to a time past known as the "Golden Age" for the design, manufacture and friendly competition of wooden boats.  The years of the "Golden Age" were pre-World War II to the late 1960's, when many companies such as Gar Wood, Chris-Craft, Higgens, Lyman, Hacker, Owens, Century, Matthews, Richardson and many others, sold their boats nationally, while scores of regional builders fulfilled the particular needs of their local areas and customers. 

At Legend Model Boats, our aim is to turn back the hands of time to remember and relive the "good old days" when the average Joe could afford to own a boat or, by today's standards, even a yacht.  It is our intention to build the highest quality model boat kits with radio-controlled operation as our objective, offering ample room and access to the hull.  

Our models are built from fine woods, which are laser cut for accuracy, and include many of those "little extras" that always require one more trip back to the hobby shop or craft store.  Our instruction sheets are clear and include many photos of the building process.  Different kits will require differing levels of model building experience.  These are complete kits allowing the builder to finish the model to museum quality.  Even if he or she were not to radio control the model, you would have a static masterpiece . . . the envy of all who see it.

These models, manufactured under the "Legend Model Boats" name are sold only by MACK Products Model Marine.   Click on the link at the top right hand side of each page to access the MACK website.









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